Franchising Opportunities

For the past 30 years GAU the American College and the American Nursery School, has been a reputable and reliable educational institutions giving international and national curriculum based training education. The language and medium of instruction is Turkish-English. GAU Group of Schools has international memberships and accreditations from Council of International School (CIS), European Council of International Schools, European Federation of Schools (FEDE), as well as being international exam centers of Edexcel and the University of Cambridge . İn addition to English language, foreign language training such as French and German that are seen internationally as locomotives are integrated with our educational system. The purpose of GAU The American Colleges is to educate students that can communicate healthy, equipped with an advanced national and universal values, take responsibility, advanced in self-confidence, has scientific and analytical thinking, productive and creative, eager to research and curious to learn, respect for nature, society and humanity .

The expert teachers and training staff of GAU The American Colleges prepares and implement programs from the first moment the students enroll to school and start the race of educational excellence step by step make them consciousness of a long lifetime of scientific knowledge until they graduate and avail from the unique privileges that GAU maintains from its international memberships and accreditations.

Our mission is to support all students in attaining their full potential in personal development and active citizenship by providing the foundation for lifelong learning through quality education . Along with this mission GAU the American College franchise started its activities during fall 2012 . Its first franchise Çorlu American College was given to an investor in Çorlu-Tekirdağ, which is a province in Turkey . Ever since , an influx of applications has been received from all over the world to become franchisee of our American Collages.