Message From The Principal

        As  the American Future Elementary school, we belive it is important to prepare our children for the next stage of their adult lives. Our aim is to create a passion for learning and develep an inquiring mind by nurturing a culture of mutual respect and a sense of belonging. We strive to support our children with emotional well-being, cultural awareness and social skills. By encouraging our children to become independent, enthusiastic, to be responsible and to empathise with others, we develop a community of children with self – values, who feel safe in a warm and friendly environment. We are always eager to continue to strengthen our achievements.

         We belive that ‘‘teaching is touching a person’s life’’ therefore; we work as a team, to promote continuous improvement and a higher standard of achivement. We acknowledge that children aged between 6-to-11 are more open to learning and learnat a faster pace. Our education system is designed in Turkish, yet implemented with the global language English and French.

         We consider it important to teach our children to support one another and prepare them for a safer and better future.