Message from the Principal

Preschool period is a sensitive period  of  a child’s life and development.  Providing a multifaceted development of the child in this period means having a broad world view in the future.

The American Nursery School, with its entire staff, provides a meaningful and permanent education to our children in full-time English. It plans its activities in relation to the children’s educational and social needs.

Our school is aimed to enhance a healthy communication; self-confident, responsible, social, aesthetic appreciation, productive and creative, interested in doing research and learning, respect society and nature, to adopt  the principles of Atatürk ,prepare children to life.

To achieve this goal, The American Nursery School has adopted the principle of applying a child-centered system that provides education in the High Scope approach according to the methods of  learning by experiencing , which allows our children not only to provide information but to use the information they have gained.


The American Nursery School, affiliated to the GAU schools group, is proud of the happy generations, guiding the growth & development of the child.

Meryem Gülten - Mukadder Azizoğlu

Acting Principals