School Policies


·  Students entering the classroom after the teacher will be marked late. Studentsmust get a permission slip issued by the Duty Officer and then return to the classroom.  

·     Parents will be informed by the class teacher if the student is constantly late for lessons.

·   Parents are required to contact school if a student is late so they can be marked as authorised late. 



● If a student is absent from school, parents are required to inform the Duty            
  Officer/ Reception by 8.30am (0392 650 2220)  and send a doctor’s report.

 Doctor’s reports should be sent to the school within 7 days of the absence
         date.  Reports sent after 7 days will not be accepted. 

● The National Ministry of Education stipulates that the total number of  
     unauthorised absence a student may take within an academic year must not
     exceed 15 days.  If a student exceeds 15 days, she/he will lose the right to take       part in school examinations and will therefore be required to repeat the school

● It is student’s responsibility to make up the work of the lessons when she/he is


How can I contact the Principal or teachers during the day?

Our teachers are available to see parents unless they are in lessons.  If you wish to make an appointment to see teachers please contact your child’s form teacher. For appointments with the Principal please contact our school secretary via the reception. 
Contact number: 0392 650 22 20 (reception) or WHATSAPP 0548 825 23 43