After School Activities

Various clubs are offered that are appealing to a variety of students.  When choosing after school clubs, we consider the different interests that students have, and how the activity will benefit the physical and mental development of each child.  A few examples of our clubs are listed below:

ü  Dance

ü  Gymnastics

ü  Chinese/ Russian/ Greek

ü  English

ü  Scouting

ü  Football-Basketball-Tennis-Golf.

ü  Art

ü  Swimming

ü  Scouts

Social Activities

We relay the scope of responsibility and awareness to our students with a number of different social activities.  It is important for our students to have a fulfilling education and understanding inside and outside of the classroom. A few activities are listed below:

ü  Blue Friday ‘’No Bullying’’

ü  Cultural Day

ü  Pink Friday “Cancer Awareness”

ü  Halloween

ü  23 April “National Children’s Day”

ü  Theatre Shows

ü  Sports Day