Child Progress

How can I keep track of my child in class?

On the first day of school your child will be given a diary. Please ensure you read and sign the diary on a daily basis. You can use the diary to keep in contact with your child’s class teacher. You will also receive notifications from school admin regarding events, problems, accidents etc.

How can I follow up on my child’s progress?


It is important for our teachers to work in conjunction with the parents to keep track on the children’s progress.  This is why we hold three parent evenings during the academic year.


The first meeting will be held before the academic year to allow you to meet with your child’s teacher.


The second meeting is held at the end of the first semester, where teachers will explain how your child is developing and progressing


The third meeting will be held at the end of the second semester to recap on everything your child has learnt and to talk about their progression.


The class teacher completes an achievement report throughout the year on observations of your child so that they can mark their progress.  This achievement report is then sent home for your records.


You can also arrange to meet the class teacher privately if necessary to go through your child’s progress.