“Two Years Since the Loss”

A commemoration ceremony was held for the second death ceremony of untimely loss of Salih Sonel, Late Principal of American College.


The ceremony commenced with a moment of silence and continued with speeches held by the ex-students of Salih Sonel and the Head of American College Turkish Department Sinem Kuyucuoğulları. Kuyucuoğulları cited an old script of Salih Sonel; “Every member of GAU Family is valuable. You, as the students of the American College, have the full capacity to be a role model anytime and anywhere with your acquired knowledge of academic, social and cultural, environmentally-conscious and as people who love their communities. I trust you.” Kuyucuoğulları has also stated that they embrace the philosophy of Salih Sonel and they will also convey that “Each individual is valuable” to next generations.


The poem written by American College Primary School Principal Nagihan Diner -“İkindi Güneşi” (Afternoon Sun) for the memorial of Salih Sonel was read by the Pre-School Principal Binnur Saymaz and the poem “Yokluğun İkinci Yaşında” (Two Years Since the Loss) was read by the Vice-Principal of the Primary School Naciye Hamle.