Girne Port and Bromsgrove Rotary Clubs Donated Books to GAU American Primary School

The event realized in the American Primary school was participated the Bromsgrove Rotary Chair Ken Pheysey, Girne ort Rotary Club Chair RahmiÖzsan, secretary BurcuToker and the Principals and Teachers of Girne American Group of Schools


Bromsgrove Rotary Chair Ken Pheysey stating that clubs are donating books to Girne AMERİCAN Group of Schools during the eve of 2013-2014 Academic Years under the educational events held for contributing for the educational activities, he also wished success for the students.Girne Port Rotary Club Chair RahmiÖzhan stated that“Our future lies with our students. We as the clubs intend to contribute much quality, healthy and educated to our students. All our effort is only for our children who are our future. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to donate.”


Girne American Primary School Principal Nagihan Diner has thanked Girne Port Rotary Club and Bromsgrove Rotary Club for their contribution to education and further stated that children holds the future for a country and the world and thus the value provided to them in education must be set in accordance . Diner finally remarked that GAU Group of Schools are indeed aware of this responsibility.


Also stating that the significance of the donation contributed by the Clubs, Nagihan Diner finally thanked both clubs for their contributions.


Concluding the ceremony plaquettes of appreciation and flowers were presented to both Rotary Clubs by Girne American Primary School Principal Nagihan.