GAU Schools help cancer patients

Exemplary behaviour of GAU Group of Schools


Students of the American College and Future American College, which provides education under the Girne American University Group of Schools, are building awareness to social aid.


Cancer Patients Aid Association (Kanser Hastalarına Yardım Vakfı) will distribute tubes of “Smarties”, which are colourful dragees, to the education centres that operate under GAU Group of Schools as part of the awareness project between February 27th - March 13th and the students will fill the empty boxes with 50 kuruş coins to raise awareness and give a different approach to the events that happen in the environment. As part of the awareness project, students will bring the boxes full of money to the school and hand them in to the CPAA personnel. CPAA has stated that a surprise gift will be given through a drawing to the students who filled their boxes with 50 kuruş coins, and expressed that the students are encouraged to make donations to CPAA by creating awareness.


Also, as well as the chocolate boxes which were distributed to the classes; a presentation was shown to the students which explained with examples how to assist people in need of help and the donation methods, and described organ donations, how to support the children in economic distressed countries and help campaigns in war zones. It was emphasized that someday many will need the Foundations that were strengthened by the donations and the importance of social aid was explained to the students.