A Meaningful Visit for World Water Day

Year 6 &7 students of the American College whom educates under GAU Pre-Higher-education Education Consortium of Group of Schools have visited the Geçitköy Dam Construction in regards to “World Water Day”.

Authorities have further stated about the construction and the significance of the dam while the students of the American College have monitored the Geçitköy Dam Construction accompanied by their Science teachers. Ak Eli Construction Project Director Nail Sert has emphasized that they have benefited from the resources of TRNC during the building of the dam. Sert has also underlined that the construction of the dam had begun 10 months ago while the building of the dam in Turkey which would feed the dam is complete and the project of the dam is due to complete in 350 days. The students whom had the opportunity to monitor the facilities which are situated in Güzelyalı, have also received further information about the significance of the dam via the authorities. They have been informed that this project is unique and is significant for transporting drinkable water amongst two states.

Following the dam visit, the students whom also visited Lapta Waste Water Pool have further monitored about the procedure of waste water is due conducted before releasing to the stream beds. Erdoğan Taşdemir, the responsible person for the treatment plant, has emphasized and further informed the students that the treatment plant is been running for 21 years and must be enhanced for a better environment and water treatment.