Spectacular Year End Show by GAU Group of Schools

American College and American Future College students have ended their 2013/2014 academic year with a spectacular year end show following a busy curriculum.


The students of the American Future College exhibited their paintings and craftwork during the year end show which was significantly admired by those who visited. Following the exhibition there was a dance show which received applause from the audience. Furthermore, students invited the audience to experience a breeze from the old days as they performed a show entitled “Nostalgia”. The Principal of the American Future College - Derviş Kansu, who gave a speech during the end of year show, conveyed his appreciations to those students and teachers who have contributed and also stated that the students deserve a well earned holiday after a year with a busy and successful curriculum.


The American College Students demonstrated their talents to their Families Students performed concerts and plays for their families at the end of year show which was participated by GAU Vice Chancellor of Board of Administrators and Chair of Group of Schools Cemile Esenyel, Chair of GAU Health, Culture and Sports Office - Türkay Akpınar, Sevim Erdal - wife of GAU Board of Trustees Memduh Erdal and the School Authorities.


The Principal of the American College - Nagihan Diner who gave a speech during the ceremony stated that the majority of the students have been continuing their education in the American College since a very early age and underlined that they will also continue their high school education at the College. Diner further explained that students will benefit from the experiences they have gained from the GAC in the future.


Balkanlar, who congratulated those students who have graduated from year 8, stated that up to today students have accomplished success in many fields and that they will continue this success in the future.