International Student Returns Home As The Honorary Envoys of GAU

GAU Summer Schools, educating under Girne American University Group of Schools has been finalized with various certificate ceremonies.


Students who have attended to GAU Summer Schools have been presented with certificates. The guest students who have attended to the schedule of English and computer courses, science-nature experiments, talent-fashion shows, ceramic, dance and swimming lessons and observing of the natural and historical beauties of TRNC via cultural expeditions have also had the opportunity to observe the Cypriot Turkish culture and cuisine through participating in various regional festivals which had been held during the summer.


SAKKA: “They returned Home as the Lovers of Cyprus”


American College International Summer Schools Director- Celal Sakka has underlined that there were over 400 students from various countries who have attended to the summer school and that they have been trained through intense theoretical, cultural, artistic and sportive activities. Sakka emphasizing that the summer school has ended and was finalized with the presenting of the certificates to the participants thus students have returned to their home countries as the lovers of Cyprus


Sakka emphasizing on the point of the significance of the GAU Summer schools in regards to promoting TRNC has also mentioned that children of the future who will be leading the world will act as the honorary envoys of TRNC. Sakka finally remarked that GAU Summer Schools have other various aims for the next summer to come in regards to promoting the country and enhance the development of the students thus reinforcing the inter-cultural dialogue to the highest level.