American College Nursery Students Ready for New Academic Year

The American Nursery School which provides education under the Girne American University Group of Schools, has organized a "Starting School Party" for their students at the beginning of the education year.


The students and teachers of the American Nursery School celebrated "Starting School Party" of the 2014-2015 education year with enthusiasm. The balloon show, which was performed at the party by the animation team which was brought in, drew specific attention from the children and the animation shows of the team were also watched with great interest by students. Students who were involved in the show from time to time, experienced pleasant moments.


In a statement from the American College, it was specified that both students who are new to the school and their families go through an orientation program with the opening of schools in the first week of September. It was stated that the cooperation of schools, families and children will continue with family participated activities during the school year and emphasized that the students who take an intensive English program from the age of 2, will have the opportunity to perfect their language, learning with native English teachers. It was expressed that the students who also have French as a second language, experience the ease of learning Turkish - English and French from a young age.


Principal of the American Nursery School - Binnur Saymaz said “Juniors who are nervously separated from their parents and starting school for the first time, celebrated the joy of being accustomed to the school by having fun”. Saymaz stressed that their basic principle is to teach them that the school is not a place to be feared while having fun. “We will continue to hold this type of fun activity from time to time in our kindergarten, which is the main place to instil the love of school from an early age.”