Exemplary Act By The American College Towards Society

The Kyrenia Animal Rescue Team (KAR) visited The American Pre-school which provides education within the Group of Schools of Girne American University (GAU).


At the event under the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Events, the purpose to incite the love for animals to children starting from a young age, was pointed out. With their small friend Annie KAR volunteers who visited the American Pre-school explained to the students that they provide shelters and a healthy environment for animals which have no such facilities as food and accommodation while emphasizing the importance of protecting animals.


In the highlighted statement of the activities organized as part of Animal Day continued throughout the week, the class teachers gave information on what can be done for the stray animals in need of protection and care. The Students welcomed the Kyrenia Animal Rescue members by making speeches about the animals living with us at home and with banners and hand posters emphasizing importance of the protection of animals. The American Pre-school students also, with the support of their families, handed over the food they have collected for the animals living in the shelters and they emphasized that they will keep on supporting KAR in the years ahead as they have done in previous years.


The American Pre-school headmaster Binnur Saymaz said in a statement that “Our goal is to educate sensitive individuals to the Nature and Environment. We teach our children to be sensitive to the environment from a young age. We emphasize the importance of attentive behaviour towards nature and living things in nature. Gains acquired in early childhood is a huge significance in terms of development. We aim to educate future individuals to take up the love of nature and animals seriously.”