American College – World Children’s Rights Day

Students of American Nursery School which provides education under the GAU Group of Schools organized an event on 20th November for World Children`s Rights Day.


Banners emphasizing the importance of the day were prepared by the school administration and the parent-teacher association within the scope of the event during the week. Students created awareness on November 20th about children’s rights starting from the school yard and reaching to all GAU Campuses with the banners they made with their families at home.


American Nursery School Headmaster - Binnur Saymaz, who made a statement, expressed that the widest human rights document accepted was convention on children`s rights in history and stated that thanks to this agreement approved on 20 November 1989, children`s rights were also recognized by the law. Saymaz stated that according to the convention all children have equal rights regardless of where they were born, who they are, their gender, religion or social origin and underlined that they have the right to live as children, to develop completely; the right to protection from abuse, exploitation and harmful effects; the rights of full participation to family, cultural and social life.


Following the activities, students were taken to the playground to use their main right - which is to play and have fun to the fullest.