A Spectacular Carnival, A Spectacular Day

Colorful moments was experienced at the Children`s Carnival organized by the American College within the framework of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children`s Day events, a large number of events were held at the carnival which was attended by some of the parents of students.


The carnival began with the National Anthem and one minute of silence. Following the opening speeches and poetry readings of children about the importance and meaning of the day at the carnival, a group march began to the carnival field in the GAU campus.


The children who were welcomed by the GAU Pre-School Teaching students at the entrance of the campus, cried with joy when they came across with the surprise prepared for them.


At the festival, held for the students who weren’t able to celebrate April 23, National Sovereignty and Children`s Day due to bad weather, entertainment and cries of joy lasted for several hours.


GAU Pre-School Teachers who actively participated at the carnival, emphasized the importance of experiencing April 23, which is a gift from Atatürk to all the children of the world and stated that; "Our event, which has received great appreciation, will be developed and repeated each year traditionally. We want to be the part of our children`s future happiness by enriching and traditionalizing this carnival every year.”