The American Nursery School Students Supported “The Food Campaign”

Students of The American Nursery School, which provides education under Girne American University (GAU) Group of Schools, have realized a series of activities within the scope of 4th of October, World Animal Day.




After the speeches made by school teachers that emphasized the importance of this week, the support of families were gathered with the help of students, who started the food campaign for animals, and the gathered foods were donated to Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR).




Members of Kyrenia Animal Rescue with their lovely dog Anny, have provided information about the importance of loving animals.




Information on how to treat animals living in the same environment other than meeting their basic needs, getting the permission of the owners before approaching cats and dogs and how to act when encountering with a stray dog were given to the students.




Anny the lovely dog, which have also attended the activity that emphasized the importance of putting a cup of water onto the streets for the stray animals on hot weathers, have gathered the attention of the students.




While the American Nursery School students were informed about the importance of protecting animals during the whole week; members of KAR have also answered their questions and explained why and where these gathered foods will be going. At the end of the day, a coloring book prepared by KAR was given to the students as a gift.




The headmaster of the American Nursery School – Binnur Saymaz stated in her statement about the activity that: “By supporting many social awareness activities during the school year, we aim to sensitize and create awareness in our students from early ages,” and expressed that the behaviors adopted at early ages turn into habits and continue to have a place in their further lives.




Saymaz, who explained as “One of the important things about this activity that made us happy is the support given by the families and their happiness. We will continue to organize this kind of projects in the future;” continued as “If we, the academicians and families may success; we can see a kind, helpful, happy generation full of human and animal love.”