Karpasia Trip by the American College

The American College, which provides education under the Girne American University (GAU) Group of Schools, 7th class students had the pleasure of having a different day in education and culture trip which was taken place in Karpasia-Famagusta.




Trip was quite fun and exciting that was performed under the supervision of  American College teachers such as Mert Mertkaya and Yüksel Yükseliş , and Oya Özkan, the responsible for the American College 6th and 7th classes.




joyful and Educational




Oya Özkan provided  information in regards to the cultural trip and have  emphasized that the  culture trip that they went within the scope of a specific program, was very joyful and educational and she underlined; “Our trip passed very joyful with our students as every year”.




Oya Özkan emphasized “Aim of the trip was to help students to revise the issues that they have handled so far academically, and make them to solve extra and different questions”. Oya Özkan underlined “ Our students have found possibility to obtain idea about topics that will be given in the future.” and she continued by saying these :




In Touch With Nature




 “The other aim of this trip was to help students to understand, go through the points that they don’t understand. Also we have planned a trip that in touch with nature. Our students are very happy with activities that are done outside of the school and to spend time with their friends”.




Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Namık Kemal Dungeon are the main historical monuments that are most frequently visited and students made investigation over there. They both satisfied their curiosity along the trip and they reinforced their collective action emotions with this activity.




Donkeys of Karpasia




During the Famagusta trip, Marine Gate that is located in Karpasia and Karpasia donkeys that wander along the road was students’ focus of interest.




In the evening, students have sung songs and played games under the supervision of their teachers.