GAU Group of Schools Participates to Turkish World Science Olympics.

Girne American University (GAU) Group of Schools Coordinator Berna Yılmazoğlu Özdoğa and Assistant Director of American College Koray Emirhoca took part as an observer at the Turkish World Science Olympics which was organized for the second time at Eskişehir between 24-25 December.


Preparing for the next year




Berna Yılmazoğlu Özdoğa and Koray Emirhoca said that they got detailed information about the projects which are participated to the Turkish World Science Olympics and they said these in their statements: “As school we have decided to participate to 3th Turkish World Science Olympics which is planned for next year. We will pride to carry inventions and projections that are made in school to international platform in the coming years. We believe that, while we are evaluating and rewarding the works that were prepared by our students within the education system, evaluating our students with participants from other schools will support their improvements positively.”




Content of Olympics




Coordinator of GAU Group of Schools Özdoğa and Assistant Director of American College Emirhoca said these gave general information about Olympics and said these: “Olympics are maintained by Turkey Volunteers of Education Association and Eskişehir Governorship. The Olympics that was held for the second time this year, 12 countries participated from Turkish World and Balkans. 257 applications were made in invention and projection branches. Prizes were given to winning owners of the works at Eskişehir Ataturk Sports Hall with a ceremony. At the award ceremony, Turkey Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Nabi Avcı and Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna and Organizer of Science Olympics Prof. Dr. İbrahim Erdoğan took part.”