American College Had Held “The 1st Child And Communication” Seminar

First Aid and Fire training was provided by the expert personnel of Civil Defense of Girne region to the participants whom were the personnel of American College in order to be recruited about all possible accidents which would occur in school. Through the “Behavior Management” further been described by GAU academician Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tülin Bodamyalı the further explanations of utilization of behavior management techniques concerning the age and characteristic specifications of the children within the classroom. Academician Aytaç Dilek of GAU Pre-School Teaching has further detailed the points which must be considered when buying a book for a child, by presenting the topic of “Child Literature”.


The Principal Binnur Saymaz of American College Preschool explained further about the significance of such realized seminars in accordance to child development and education. She also added that the seminar of “1st Child and Communication” will be repeated traditionally in future periods.