First Place From Student of American College

The American College Principal Aysu Balkanlar has stated further through GAU TV that they have undertaken many activities as college and emphasized that their most significant activity is to prepare the students for the international examinations. Balkanlar underlining the significance of language examinations, also stated that American College students are been prepared for the future as individuals compatible with the languages like English, Turkish and French. Also Balkanlar stating that they are very proud of Maria, she added that it is their first award in sociology and that it is very honoring. Balkanlar also phrased that student from 8th year and onwards are directed to the branches of their abilities and that there are teachers whom are ready to provide guidance for the students individually.


Maria Goltseva speaking to GAU TV has emphasized that she had worked hard on Sociology and the result wasn’t surprising for her. She also added that the education provided in the American College is one-to-one system and this therefore brings students to success.


Maria rephrasing the happiness for earning the first place in throughout Cyprus has also emphasized that she received what she worked for. She finally thanked the school administrators, teachers and family for their support has added that success comes through believing in what you do and hard work.