English Champion Of Cyprus Is From The American College

Highest grades of EDEXCEL International examination in the field of English was achieved by the American College educating under Girne American University Group of Schools of Education Institutions Consortium of Higher Education among Northern and Southern Cyprus.


Year 10 student Pınar Yılmaz of American College has been awarded and been granted a certificate as the best student across the island after her achievement of gaining the highest grade for the island-wide EDDEXCEL International GCSE 4ESO English examination.


After Pınar Yılmaz been presented her award and certificate in respect to the ceremony held, she in regards showed appreciation to American college education and teaching staff and also pointed out that her future aim is to continue her education in the overseas global campuses.


Also the phrase held by the American college stated that it is very honoring that Pınar Yılmaz as the student of the American College gaining the highest grade amongst the students who are efficient in using the English language and sufficient in educating in Cyprus-wide education institutions and thus acting as an important reference for the Northern Cyprus secondary education institutions and colleges after applying curriculums based on students from 18 different countries and languages of English, French and Turkish to succeed in the mission of preparing the students as the actors to route the future with their global information via provided education.