Message From The Chancellor

Dearest Students, As we head towards the 50th year of the Girne American University Group of Schools, your youth and your energy continues to shape our motivation to deliver world class academics and facilitate your learning at every step. You are already ahead of other graduates, for you have lived and experienced an international atmosphere. Our goal for our students is to challenge themselves to think bigger and creatively without any frontiers.

The promise of education, in my opinion, is that it flourishes in neglect of politics and geography. Education knows no frontiers – It supersedes it. Throughout the years, our graduates from GAU The American College have been a source of pride for all of us, through their repeated and continuous successes both here and abroad. It is my sincere belief that you will grow to lead as well. I hope you continue being our Ambassadors and our Diplomats to all new and prospective students from around the world.

I wish all of our returning students a well-deserved break from school, and wish best of luck to our graduates in their university careers! With my infinite best wishes to all of you,

Girne American University & GAU Group of Schools